Vegan café

We offer catering, courses and can arrange take away on most things – both foodstuffs and cakes. Do you want something special for a special occasion – or just have a craving for something extra awesome? Give us a shout and we’ll figure something out! Call 46 770 442 or email us at

The Prana girls

Prana Kafé is owned and run by the Duo Fantasticus Anne & Ida – and in order to get to know us a teensy tad we’re written an introductory bio about each other:


Ida about Anne

Anne is an extraordinarily great girl who loves and is great at systemizing our lives and administrative workplace. She is a fan of extremely small tea cups, knitting, etymology, good books, board games and many other delightful things. Anne is solution oriented, inspiring and motivating and I highly regard her wonderful sense of humour especially when she laughs at my hilariously dry jokes. She is creative, funny, honest, inquisitive and charming and she is most definitely one of my most favourite people around, not just at the workplace but in life in general. We complement each other perfectly in a way arch friends and colleagues should.


Anne about Ida

Ida, also known as Miss Whirlwind, has an inexhaustible source of energy, not just for work, but also to encourage and motivate the people around her. Almost as great as her enthusiasm is her burning curiosity. She possesses a well of knowledge on the strangest topics, and if there’s something she doesn’t know she’ll look it up at once. Ida is a rock you can lean on, she’ll give you a hug when you need it or a kick in the butt to get you going if that is what’s needed. A day for Ida is not complete unless she has started at least ten projects.